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  CaPtivate Pharmaceuticals Enters License Agreement With Immunotope, Sept. 15, 2014

CaPtivate is a development stage pharmaceutical company focused on developing novel vaccines for injection or mucosal administration through its patented proprietary calcium phosphate (CaP) nanoparticle technology platform.

In addition to applications in non-invasive drug delivery, protein purification, as a dietary supplement, and in esthetic medicine, our CaP nanoparticle technology has originally been developed as a safe and effective vaccine adjuvant for injection or mucosal administration. Extensive preclinical data have been generated which show CaP’s ability to increase vaccines’ immunogenicity after injection or needle-free routes. CaP technology has successfully completed a single dose pre-clinical toxicity study for the administration of CaP orally, into muscles, under the skin, and into the lungs. Also, in a Phase I “safety and toxicity” study conducted under an approved IND in the U.S., CaP has been shown safe to administer in healthy human subjects by injection. CaP nanoparticle technology demonstrated promise to enhance immune response to vaccines, while improving effectiveness and safety profiles, often leading to the use of lower vaccine dosage. As a new company with an impressive portfolio of preclinical vaccine data available for, CaPtivate identified the following vaccines for further development using CaP nanoparticle adjuvant CaPtiVantTM:

  • Seasonal or pandemic Influenza vaccines for injection and/or mucosal administration.
  • A new hepatitis B vaccine for mucosal administration.
  • Herpes simplex-2 vaccine for mucosal administration

While continue developing its vaccine program to address significant public health needs, CaPtivate is also making its CaP technology available through exclusive or non-exclusive licensing.